Customer Services

Mission - To strive for excellence in serving all our valued electricity customers and the public through mutually beneficial teamwork dedicated to developing employees’ knowledge in all aspects of utility customer care, such that costs will be optimized and VINLEC’s corporate image enhanced.  

Functional Responsibilities
The Department interfaces with both customer accounts and public electricity concerns. With emphasis on promptness, courtesy and accuracy, service is delivered via the following Departmental sub-units:
 Desk Services
 Meter Reading
 Customer Billing
 Credit Controls
 Cash Collection
Bill Payment Options:
 Automatic Bill Payment: Schedule standing order payments to be made to VINLEC from your financial institution savings or chequing account.
 Online Payment: Set-up with your financial institution to process online payment.
 Bill Payment Agent - Agents across the country authorized to collect payments on behalf of VINLEC (Bring a stub or account number(s) when paying at the locations)
 VINLEC Office: Bring a stub or account number(s) when paying at the office.
 Payment Kiosk: Bring the account number(s) when paying at the self-service bill payment machine.
Payment Locations
 Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Kingstown (online payment services available)
 CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, Kingstown (online payment services available)
 Republic Bank, Kingstown (online payment services available)
 Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (RBTT), Kingstown (online banking services available)
 First St. Vincent Bank, Kingstown
 Marriaqua Cooperative Credit Union, Mesopotamia
 Barrouallie Cooperative Credit Union, Barrouallie
 Kingstown Cooperative Credit Union, Kingstown
 General Employee Cooperative Credit Union, Kingstown
 St. Vincent Building & Loan Association, Kingstown
 St. Vincent and the Grenadines Postal Corporation
Non-Payment on accounts
 You must pay the “Total Amount Due” by the due date indicated on your bill each month to avoid disconnection
 The electricity supply is subject to disconnection after the “Due Date” for unpaid sums (i.e. current charges and/or arrears) without prior notification
 Payment of outstanding balances (i.e. current charges and/or arrears) become payable on disconnected services before reconnection of the supply
 A reconnection fee is charged on disconnected services, along with an increase in security deposit payable before the supply is reconnected
 Reconnection of services disconnected for non-payment cannot be guaranteed within forty-eight (48) hours
 All payments received will be credited against the oldest outstanding total account balance
Returned Cheque Charge
 There shall be a charge for any cheque or draft submitted to the Company for payment which is dishonored or returned by the financial institution on which it is drawn.
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