Customer/Company Responsibility

Customer’s Responsibility
 All construction from the service point of delivery to the electrical wiring installation of the building or premises shall be done at the Customer’s expense.
 The Customer shall furnish, install, and maintain all electric wiring and equipment, including conduits, fittings, wires, cables, fuses, boxes, main switch and circuit breakers up to the service point of delivery (i.e. customer’s mains cable for meter connection).
 The Customer shall provide, or arrange to be provided with, properly identified, suitable wiring to assure that all service supplied to the Customer, and only service supplied to the Customer, shall register on the meter(s) used for the measurement and billing of the Customer's service.
 Upon the request of the Customer, as many meters as the Customer shall desire will be installed to measure the service at a single location provided the circuit or circuits connected to each meter are kept separate from all other circuits. In such case and in cases where a separate meter is installed in connection with the provision of excess distribution facilities, the service rendered through each meter will be computed and billed in accordance with the applicable tariff on separate accounts.
Company’s Responsibility
 The Company shall furnish, place, erect, construct, operate and maintain all overhead electric lines, overhead connections and other facilities within the electric power grid of St Vincent and the Grenadines.
 The Company shall install underground any cables, service line, and appurtenant facilities which are necessary to furnish permanent electric service within the electric power grid of St Vincent and the Grenadines.
 The Company will install a service line from its low voltage distribution circuit system to the point of attachment on or near the front face of the building or to the meter support structure for the building or premises which, in such case, shall be the service point of delivery.
 The Customer shall furnish, install and maintain, in accordance with the Company's specifications, the meter support structures on the building.