Customer Service – General Info

VINLEC recognizes that the ever-changing need to effectively serve our customers is the driving force behind our operations. Producing electricity to meet our customers’ lifestyle demands, makes the customer an integral part of our business. In general, we are engaged in creating value for our customers through commitment to the following:
 Making maximum use of all resources to ensure efficiency and cost savings
 Providing a consistent, sufficient and safe supply of electricity
 Imparting professionalism to all aspects of service
 Increasing the levels of staff training and development to meet customer demands
 Being environmentally friendly and conscious of our role in partnering with customers on alternative energy solutions and energy conservation.
The customer is not expected to know all the internal workings of VINLEC. Thus, the Customer Services Department is designed as a “one-stop shop” where the customer can approach us on any electricity matter and be assured of a response. Specifically, our Customer Services Department is devoted to providing service that is:
 Courteous– Treating our customers with warmth and friendliness, acknowledging their unique personalities.
 Timely – Responses given within reasonable times.
 Direct – Not passing off the customer onto other parties for answers.
 Confidential – Respecting the privacy of personal information.
 Accurate - Reflecting facts which the Company records support.
 Complete – Adequately addressing all relevant concerns raised.
We pledge all our efforts to the maintaining of an available 24-hour electricity supply to all customers. Our Emergency Crew and out-station personnel can be readily contacted for immediate response and most unplanned outages are resolved within one (1) hour.
Planned outages for regular maintenance will be executed strictly within the time limit announced and wherever possible, completed ahead of schedule.
Reports on electricity infrastructure (i.e. poles, lines, meters) will be taken promptly and are normally resolved within seven (7) work days. Customer connections and customer account matters are also scheduled for handling within seven (7) work days.
Reconnection of disconnected services is scheduled within the same day the reconnection fee is paid. Ninety-five percent (95%) of this is achieved and all efforts will be directed to making this a 100% same day reconnection achievement.
Customer requests for disconnection of service will be done on the stated date, provided that one (1) week’s clear notice is given.
VINLEC always welcomes hearing from its customers. If you have any questions or suggestions, please give us a call, send us an email, write us, or even better, visit us in person!