VINLEC Online Billing Security Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement
VINLEC is committed to protecting your privacy when you visit our website. All Information you share with us is governed by our Privacy Policy and therefore will be treated with the strictest confidentiality at all times.
VINLEC has employed state-of-the-art technology to protect and keep your personal information safe and secure. Only you, the customer, will have access to your VINLEC “Check Your Bill” and “Pay Your Bill” access credentials and you can change pins or passwords as often as you wish.
VINLEC will not disclose your personal information except in circumstances authorized by you for the purpose of providing the service you require from us and in circumstances where it is permitted and/or required by law.
Security Statement
Our Commitment to You
VINLEC is committed to providing customers with a secure and protected electronic transaction environment.
VINLEC is committed to keeping your account information safe and secure. As part of this commitment, we have instituted a number of security measures to help ensure the integrity of your account information and all transactions.
Online Security Guarantee:
VINLEC will honor reimbursement claims in the unlikely event that a customer suffers direct financial losses due to overpayment or unauthorized On-line financial transaction, provided that all security responsibilities have been met.
Your Security Responsibility
VINLEC’s “Check Your Bill” and “Pay your Bill” services function in a protected environment that meets the highest Internet security standards. While we take strong measures to ensure the security of your On-line transactions and the confidentiality of your information, it is extremely important that you also take precautions to ensure that your information remains safe and secure. We require our customers to acquire the necessary information about the following topics to ensure safe and responsible interaction with VINLEC On-line. By using our “Check Your Bill” and “Pay Your Bill” you warrant that you have read, understood and agreed to comply with the information contained in the links below. Please note well that you must take the precautionary measures outlined below in order to enjoy the benefits of VINLEC’s Online Security Guarantee.