How to Obtain Service


An application for service by the owner or occupant of a building or premises may be made at any business office of the Company or to a duly authorized representative of the Company. All applications and contract for service must be made in the legal name of the party desiring the service.

An application for service may be made in person at any business office of the Company, by mail, or online. The Company requires an applicant to provide reasonable proof of the applicant's identity as a condition of service.

Applicants are to process their request for supply, at least twenty-one (21) working days before the date the service is needed at the building or premises.

The following six (6) steps outline the process to get your service connection.

Step #1 – At the design and planning stage of the project, enquire from VINLEC about the placement of the electric service point of delivery.

   For building or parcel of land which exceed 100 ft. distance from the nearest low voltage line circuit, request an evaluation for site inspection from VINLEC.
   Plaster the area where the meter and service cable is to be attached on to the building.
   Meter Column Support Structure must be built to specification in compliance with the company standard.
   Customer mains cables colour must be in compliance with the Electrical Wiring regulation standard.
   Multiple customer mains cables must be individually labeled to identify and distinguish each application.
   Additional and existing services are to be placed at the same point of delivery.

Step #2 – Engage a qualified and licensed Electrician to complete the electrical wiring installation works of the building or premises.

Step #3 – Visit the Government Electrical Inspectorate (GEI) for an inspection and testing of the electrical wiring installation works. An Inspector’s Certificate of Approval will be issued by the Chief Electrical Inspector, once the wiring installation is in compliance with the Electrical Regulations.

Step #4 – Make an application to VINLEC for the service connection. Based on the customer category, the following outlines the required documentation.


   St. Vincent and the Grenadines national must produce a picture identification document e.g. national identification card or drivers licence
   Non St. Vincent and the Grenadines national must produce a picture identification document and passport
   Proof of ownership – property deed to demonstrate the legitimate owner of the parcel of land on which the service is requested
   For premises not owned by the applicant: (A) notarized letter from the owner authorizing the applicant to act on their behalf; or (B) letter from the owner’s attorney authorizing the applicant to act on the owner’s behalf; or (C) Power of Attorney which grants the applicant the legal authority to act on behalf of the owner.
   To submit an estimate of the electrical power for each service for more than one meter at a building (e.g. apartments, multi-dwelling residence) or premises.
   The Inspector’s Certificate of Approval for the electrical installation.

Step #5 – At the time the application is process, a security deposit must be paid prior to the service being rendered.

Step #6 – Customer meter installation is scheduled for completion within 7 – 9 business (i.e. work) days.