Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement

Our mission is to deliver an electricity supply service of the best quality and value to all customers; to satisfy the interest of shareholders and employees; to support sustainable development and contribute towards a high quality of life for our people. In pursuing our mission, we acknowledge our responsibility for the health and safety of our employees and recognize that a healthy and safe working environment is the fundamental right of every employee and that poor working conditions have the potential to affect employees’ health and safety. Equally important is our commitment to achieving a high level of environmental protection and to preventing, mitigating and minimizing environmental impact and pollution, as expressed in our Environmental Policy.
We are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment in which the well being of our employees is of paramount importance and which will positively influence employee morale and productivity and will:
 Comply with the national and international practices, statutes, regulations and standards for worker health and safety, that are applicable for our industry;
 Identify hazards and assess risks associated with work and transport activities in consultation with employees and seek to minimize these;
 Maintain a comfortable work environment and adequate and appropriate welfare facilities for workers;
 Formulate/develop, implement and maintain systems for effective emergency response;
 Implement safe handling, storage use and disposal of hazardous materials and waste;
 Implement and maintain a system for investigating and reporting work-related accidents and incidents;
 Enforce VINLEC's H&S Policy for all contractors;
 Provide continuous and appropriate H&S training and health information/awareness for employees;
 Communicate with employees and other stakeholders on health and safety matters;
 Strive for continuous improvement in managing the health and safety of employees.
All staff are expected to exercise constant vigilance to ensure that safety awareness is maintained. It is the duty of each worker to comply with the guidelines formulated to protect their health and safety, to report any problems encountered and to make suggestions for improvement of health and safety in their work environment. VINLEC assures each staff member of his right to refrain from doing work under conditions he considers to be unsafe or unhealthy.