Mission - To serve the Company by providing financial and related services while supporting the Company in meeting its corporate goals and objectives.
Role and Responsibility
As principal stewards of the company’s financial resources, the department has a unique responsibility to staff and external parties to:
 Develop, analyze, and maintain budgeting, accounting, and reporting procedures and systems
 Ensure compliance with company policy and external fiduciary requirements
 Engage in high quality, conscientious and effective services
The Department’s core values are - Integrity and Confidentiality
The Finance department is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards as the basis for honest, fair and mutually respectful interactions.
The department’s work is essential to the success of the organization and its goal is to meet or exceed the company’s expectations through continuous improvement of services, resources, processes, and communication.
The Finance Department is headed by the Manager, Finance and consists of the following sections:
 Credit Control