Requirements for Service Connections


There are four categories of customers:

  • Residential/ Domestic
  • Commercial Connection
  • Industrial Connection
  • Street Lighting

Applications for any of these services can be made at any of the following  offices:

  • Corporate Head Office: Paul's Avenue, Kingstown 
  • Service Desks:
    • Bequia Power Stations, Port Elizabeth, Bequia
    • Union Island Power Station, Clifton, Union Island
    • Canouan Power Station, Canouan
    • Mayreau Power Station, Mayreau

Applicants are advised that request for service should be made at the planning stage of construction of your house or building. This enables the following to be determined: 

The location of the connection point on the building
The suitability of VINLEC facility in the area
Whether a contribution will be required or not

All applicants for new supplies must submit:
  • An inspection certificate signed by the Government Electrical Inspectorate which is valid for only 3 months before processing.  
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Applications for new supplies are handled at the Kingstown Office and at service desks in Bequia, Union Island and Canouan Power Stations.

Applications can be made as follows:

  • By individuals, completing and signing the application forms at one of the above locations. This process can be begin online via our website. Identification cards, Passports or Drivers Licenses must be presented.
  • Firms and companies may post written application bearing their approved stamp, authorized signatures and a copy of the certificate of registration. A copy of the application form will be returned for their records. Signed applications are legally binding contracts. Valid Value Added Tax (VAT) ID Numbers for businesses will be required.
  • Applicants for large Residential, Commercial or Industrial services must submit in writing required peak electricity demand. An indication of the work methods and times of operation is also helpful.
  • Applications for the service to properties which are not owned by the applicants themselves must be accompanied by a Power of Attorney (legal document stating that the applicant is an agent) or a written permission from the owner authorizing the applicant to act on their behalf. Where property ownership is indeterminate, authorization/permission must be obtained from the relevant authority.
  • VINLEC will not make any connections that require the service cable to pass over the roof of another building. Where the cable will pass over land (vacant) belonging to the neighbour(s), written permission must be obtained.
  • Reconnections can be made at the same locations unless the premises has been disconnected for three (3) months or more, in which case the procedure for new supply applies.

Inspection Certificates

For connection purposes this certificate is only valid for 3 months. If due to an applicant's lack of preparation, connection cannot be done within 3 months then the applicant will be required to provide a new inspection certificate.


Consumers and applicants for a supply are required to pay a deposit equivalent to the value of two (2) months' estimated electricity consumption. The deposit is expected to provide security for the payment of electricity account debts and it may be revised from time to time. Deposits bear interest at 4% per annum. Deposits and earned interest are refunded to consumers after their supply is permanently disconnected and all outstanding bills are paid. Deposits cannot be transferred between different consumers. Each consumer must pay his individual deposit and safeguard his deposit receipt. However, VINLEC will honor written instructions to refund deposits to any named assignee.
If an electricity account remains unpaid after being disconnected, any deposit held may be forfeited and put towards settlement of the account.