Power Stations

Power Plant

VINLEC owns and operates power systems on the islands of St. Vincent, Bequia, Union Island, Canouan and Mayreau. The St. Vincent system has both diesel and hydroelectric generating stations. On mainland St. Vincent, there are two diesel generating stations located at Cane Hall and Lowmans Bay, while the hydroelectric generating plants are located at South Rivers, Richmond and Cumberland.

Cane Hall Generating Station

The Cane Hall Generating station was developed over the period 1971 to 2004 and has eight (8) diesel electric generating units. The station has the capacity to produce 19.66 MW. 

Lowmans Bay Diesel Generating Station

The Lowmans Bay Power Plant is the Company’s modern state of the art facility. It has a capacity of 17.4 Mega Watts and provides approximately 60% of all power generated on mainland St. Vincent. The ground breaking ceremony for this facility took place in 2005 and the plant was officially handed to VINLEC in February of 2007.

South Rivers Hydroelectric Plant

The South Rivers Plant was the first hydroelectric installation to be built in St. Vincent.  
It entered service in 1952 with two 275 kW Turgo impulse units and a third 320 kW machine was added in 1958. The total nominal installed capacity of the plant is 870kW. VINLEC has signed a contract with Gilkes for rehabilitation work in 2014. It is anticipated that upon completion, the nominal capacity will be … 

Richmond Hydroelectric Plant

This run of river plant was commissioned in 1962 and houses two Turgo impulse turbine generator units of 550 kW output each. The station has a nominal capacity of … Rehabilitation work on the Plant are scheduled to take place during 2014 in an effort o increase he input from the Station.

Cumberland Hydroelectric Development

The Cumberland Power Development is the most recent addition to the St. Vincent hydraulic system. The development comprises a cascade of three generating stations which are served by a series of diversion weirs and pipelines. The station’s capacity is currently …

Bequia System

The Bequia Generating Station presently comprises … high speed stationary
diesel generator units. The combined installed and available capacity of the units is …  

Canouan System

The Canouan Generating Station comprises … high speed stationary diesel generator units. These have an installed capacity of … 

Union Island System

Mayreau System