Know Your Electricity Meter

St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) provides electricity to just over 40,000 customers in this multi-island state. According to the terms of contract, an electricity meter is provided for every account that is created.

The electricity meter is used to measure how much electricity is used over a period of time. Each meter has a unique number which identifies it with the customer. It is a device which safely protects the connection while accurately recording the electricity used.

The owner or occupier of the premises is deemed to have effective custody of the meter as long as it is on his/her premises and has a duty to promptly report any abnormality. However, the electricity meter remains the property of VINLEC.

In recent times, some property owners are opting to have meters mounted on a separate structure than on their buildings. In this instance, we request that you construct a meter support structure that meets our strictest requirements.

This structure can only be used if the clear distance between the structure and the nearest electricity supply point is less than 100 feet. Safety laws stipulate a minimum clearance of 18 feet above ground for any service cable passing over public roadways. The position prepared on the column for the meter installation must be six feet above ground level and for ease of access should face the property’s entrance. Further details on how to construct this structure can be obtained at our Customer Services department.

Do not extend buildings around meters, or enclose them behind locked grills. Contact VINLEC if you intend to do any work which will require you to change the location of the electricity meter.

If your meter is located inside of a locked compound, please call and make arrangements to have your meter read. VINLEC’s Meter Readers have a legal right to enter premises at reasonable times to obtain a reading.

Keeping Track Of Your Energy Consumption 

Keeping track of your energy consumption each month is a good idea. You will become familiar with the pattern of electricity you use and better able to notice changes in your electricity consumption. Additionally, relating your consumption to your living habits will help you to understand your electricity usage.
Calculating the units used on your meter each month is a straightforward process.

Step 1: Read your meter on or about the same date each month.
Step2: Write down your reading
Step3: Subtract your current reading from the one taken the previous month. This will give you the units consumed.
An example:

Let us say that your previous reading was 16286 and the present reading is 16403, your calculation would show that you have consumed 117 kWh.

16403 kWh current reading
16286 kWh previous reading
117 kWh consumed